New Tool: Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron (2488-20)

While doing extensive work on my car, I accidentally tore the connector off the oxygen sensor connection. Not the oxygen sensor side, of course. The engine wiring harness side. Yeah.


I’ve been needing a new soldering iron for some time now, and had my sights set on this one well before the pandemic had begun. This dumb wiring accident pushed things forward, so I went ahead and ordered. Once it showed up I was glad I spent the extra money. This thing is great. If it holds up, it will likely have been one of the better things I decided to spend some extra money on.

Milwaukee M12 Soldering Iron (2488-20)


Blinking green warm up indicator, with LED illumination.


Switch and indicator lights.
Blinking green warm up light, plus battery indicator dots.
Solid green on light, indicating it’s up to temp. Warm up take roughly 15-20 seconds.
Bright illumination LED.
Tool is off, with solid red HOT warning light.

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